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Have you sent a transaction on accident? Have you sent a transaction with incorrect information? Did you send a transaction for the wrong PO? Are you basically in a situation where you need to cancel a transaction that's already been sent?

The short answer? A transaction can't be retracted or canceled once it's sent.

Once a transaction has been sent, it will be delivered to the intended recipient. If you've sent a transaction by mistake, contact your Trading Partner immediately, explain the situation, and ask for next steps. Once you know what needs to be done, let TrueCommerce know if you have any questions or need any help!

Can I revise a transaction after it's been sent?

Check out this article for more details.

What if you receive an order from a Trading Partner and they need YOU to cancel the order?

If the Trading Partner accepts the 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgement), this transaction can be sent in response to the order indicating that the order won't be fulfilled. If they don't accept this transaction, follow up with your Trading Partner to see if they will accept either an 856 (Advance Shipment Notice) or 810 (Invoice) indicating that the order isn't being fulfilled.

rev: 10/22/21

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