Product: Transaction Manager

Why would you need to create a consolidated transaction?

If a Trading Partner is requiring a consolidated ASN or Invoice, this simply means that they want one transaction sent that combines the information received in two or more Purchase Orders.

Here's how it's done:

  1. Click the Navigation Menu icon in the upper left hand corner and click Trading Partners.

  2. Select the Trading Partner that is requiring the consolidated transaction.

  3. In the Action Bar, click Labels and select UCC-128.

  4. Check the box that says Consolidate Transactions. Click Save. Check out this guide for a visual.

  5. Next, highlight all of the Purchase Orders that need to be consolidated.

  6. Click Turnaround.

  7. Select the transaction you need to create (i.e. ASN or Invoice), and click OK.

  8. Go to your Outbox. You'll see that the Purchase Orders have been consolidated into one transaction. Proceed with filling in the mandatory fields per usual!

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rev: 10/19/21

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