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Pack & Ship: Configure Package Dimensions
Pack & Ship: Configure Package Dimensions

This article details how to configure package dimensions within Pack & Ship.

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Product: Pack & Ship

  1. Click Menu > Pack & Ship > Configuration > Shipping > Package Dimensions. Navigate to the Package Dimensions Screen.

2. On the Package Dimension screen, click Package Dimensions Grid Options > Add New Record. This is the Package Dimensions Screen. Here you can view package types you’ve already configured. You can also configure new package types.

3. Name your package type (e.g. Small Box). The name you choose will be available for selection when packing an order. Make sure to choose a name that will be easily recognizable in the future. 

4. Enter Length, Height, and Width of package type. Enter the dimensions for your package type. Length, width, and height will be used for rate shopping later.

5. Enter the Unit of Measure for Length, Height, and Width. Choose the Unit of Measure for your dimensions. It is important to indicate the unit of measure, so the shipment is charged correctly.

6. Enter the Weight of Package type with nothing packed (weight of package while empty). All package types have a weight before the product is placed inside.

7. Enter maximum allowable weight for the Package type. This setting will not prevent you from exceeding this weight. You will be presented a warning message notifying that this value has been reached.

8. Enter the Unit of Measure for Empty Weight, and Max Weight. You must indicate the unit of measure used when declaring empty weight and max allowable weight. It is important to indicate the unit of measure, so the shipment is charged correctly.

9. Choose a Package Type for rate shopping (e.g. Box). You have named your package, so now we must indicate what type of package we are configuring (Box, Envelope, Pallet etc.). If you are using a carrier one rate box, this is where you would indicate the one rate package type.

10. Cartonization is an additional module that may be purchased. This setting only applies once this module is licensed. 

11. Click Save. Once you have entered all values for your package type, be sure to select Save.


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Package – Package refers to shipment handling unit. This could be a box, envelope, or pallet etc.

Cartonization – Cartonization is predictive packing based on predefined values for your items and package types that allows us to suggest the most efficient means to pack your shipment.

Version: 1.0

Date Modified: 11/06/2019

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