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Hey…mistakes happen. We get it! But, when they do happen, we all want to get them corrected as quickly as possible. If you sent a transaction to your Trading Partner that needs to be corrected and resent, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the transaction in your Sent folder.

  2. Click on the transaction to highlight it, and click Options in the Action Bar.

  3. Select Copy to Outbox.

  4. Go to your Outbox.

  5. Open the transaction and make the necessary corrections.

  6. Save and Close. Resend!

Please note: If the transaction is in Production, your Trading Partner may want the transaction resent with a different control #, which means the transaction would need to be made from scratch. Or, they may indicate the transaction doesn’t need to be resent, but to make sure the mistake is corrected the next time around. It’s always best to check with your partner to make sure you understand what they want.

If you need to create the transaction over again:

  • Turnaround: Locate the original transaction (i.e. a Purchase Order) used to create the transaction that needs to be corrected. Perform the Turnaround and proceed with completing the new transaction with the updated information.

  • Import: Check out this article for more information.

As a reminder, it's best to let your Trading Partner know a corrected transaction is on its way!

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rev: 5/25/21

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