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In this article, you’ll learn what an ISA segment is, along with it’s corresponding pieces, as well as how to find your EDI ID! Click on the headings below to get to the section you need:

What’s an ISA ID and Qualifier?

How do I find my EDI ID?

What’s an ISA ID and Qualifier?

The ISA segment is the first segment in an X12 EDI data transaction. Just like the addresses located on a piece of mail, the ISA segment contains sender and receiver information in the form of an EDI ID. The EDI ID is sometimes referred to as the ISA ID. Both the sender of an EDI transaction and receiver of an EDI transaction must have an EDI ID present in the data in order for the transaction to be sent and received successfully. Additionally, each EDI ID has a Qualifier associated with it. As you can see in the example, the Qualifier comes before the EDI ID, and is used to identify and describe the content that follows.

The GS segment is located under the ISA segment. Some Trading Partners may ask for your GS ID (or GS02/03), as well. Also known as the Group ID, your GS ID is usually the same as your ISA ID. The GS02 position in an X12 transaction is the GS ID for the sender, and the GS03 position in an X12 transaction is for the receiver.

How can I find my EDI ID?

While you can always contact TrueCommerce for your EDI ID, there are a couple ways to access these details on your own!

  • You have the option to have your EDI ID appear as a column in the Transactions section. If you don't see this column, click the three dot icon and select Edi Alias from the list of column choices. Your EDI ID is listed under this column.

    • Want step-by-step guidance? Click the Help (?) icon in the upper right hand corner of Foundry, select Guided Tutorials and search for "Where is my EDI ID?".

  • You can also select Business System under the Transaction Manager menu to view the EDI ID or IDs associated with your company. (For step-by-step guidance on how to find this, click the Question Mark icon in the upper right hand corner of Foundry, select Guided Tutorials and locate the tutorial called "What's my EDI ID?")

  • You can access the raw EDI of a transaction and grab your EDI ID and Qualifier from the ISA Segment, as described in the beginning of this article! Simply select the transaction, click View in the Action Bar, and select Raw EDI. Where your ID is located within the ISA segment will depend on if you're viewing an incoming or outgoing transaction. Review the details in the beginning of this article to know where to look! Learn more about accessing raw EDI here!

Want to know more about X12 EDI and how to understand it? Check out the X12 EDI Course in TrueCommerce University!

rev: 9/23/21

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