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The TrueCommerce Integration Service is a locally installed application to facilitate communication between Transaction Manager and your local network. Checking the Integration Service port settings can help verify that the service is running correctly.

First, you’ll need to verify which Integration Service port is running on the Windows account you’re signed into. Double click the Transaction Manager Integration Service icon in the system tray.

The following pop-up will appear:

The third line from the top indicates that ports 29292 and 29293 are running on this account. The first port, 29292, is for the Silverlight version of Transaction Manager and the second port, 29293, is for the Foundry version of Transaction Manager.

(On October 12, 2021, Microsoft will end support for Silverlight. Please be aware that the Silverlight version of Transaction Manager will be available through the end of 2021. For more information, check out this article.)

Please note that while 29292/29293 are the ‘default’ ports for the Transaction Manager Integration Service in a standalone environment, customers in a terminal server environment or using a single machine with the capability of having multiple usernames logged in will have ports ranging from 49152 to 65535.

Next, you’ll want to verify that the port matches the setting in Transaction Manager. Log into Transaction Manager on the Foundry platform. Under the Transaction Manager menu, click Integration Settings.

Confirm that the port is correct in the Integration Service Port field.

Additional resources:

Check out the Integration Service tutorial found under the Integration Basics section of TrueCommerce University.

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