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Occasionally, you may run into some Item Catalog errors within Foundry that don’t look familiar. This is likely because of additional item validations in Transaction Manager within Foundry.

A couple examples include:

'Cannot read property 'ItemCatDataID' of undefined'

'An item with the same key has already been added.'

While there are a variety of errors that can be encountered, it is possible that these errors are happening due to duplicates in the Primary Item Value column.

As a reminder, the Primary Item is a unique value being sent by your Trading Partner, and should only be present only once in the Primary Item Column.

Also note: Transaction Manager will only accept .CSV and .txt files to import into the Item Catalog.

To see if this is the case:

Export the Item Catalog and use Excel to resolve the duplicates in either Column A or Column B.

Keep in mind that extra blank spaces can be counted as duplicates.

If you need to delete a whole row...

  1. Click on the row to highlight it.

  2. Click Delete in the Action Bar.

  3. Click Save in the Action Bar.

It is highly recommended that you export your current Item Catalog list and save it locally before making any changes. Mistakes do happen! Having a copy saved will make correcting any mistakes easier.

Are you importing a .csv file and getting one of these errors?

Check your file for duplicate items or blank spaces. Having blank spaces can throw these errors, too. For a quick way to check for duplicates, load the data from the .csv into Microsoft Excel. Select the column, and click Remove Duplicates.

For assistance with any errors, contact TrueCommerce Support!

rev: 2/23/22

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