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So, you’ve clicked Export in Transaction Manager and you're getting one of the following errors:

"Partner missing from xyz Partner Setup"
"Account ID not found"
"Trading Partner is not defined"
"Customer xx not found"

Now what?

There’s just one simple detail within the Trading Partner Setup that needs to be completed! Follow these steps to fix this error:

  1. Click Trading Partners.

2. Select the Trading Partner from the list.

3. Click Translations in the Action Bar and select Partner List.

4. Click Add Partner in the Action Bar. Enter your trading partner’s name in the field under EDI Partner. Note: This needs match the value you have in your ERP/accounting system EXACTLY! It is space and case sensitive. It shouldn't match how the name is being sent on an incoming PO.

5. Click Save in the Action Bar.

6. Try exporting again!

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rev: 6/18/21

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