Product: Transaction Manager

The TrueCommerce Integration Service is a locally installed application to facilitate communication between Transaction Manager and your local network (learn more here).

If the event were to stop responding, you may need to restart the service.

Below are some steps to restart the service.

Option 1: Restart the computer (preferred)
The fastest way to restart the service is to simply restart the computer that is running the service you wish to restart. By restarting the computer, you will forcefully restart the Integration Service.

Option 2: Restarting through the Services Console
If restarting the computer is not an option, follow the below steps to properly restart the service directly:

Load the services console by going to your start menu and typing Services to retrieve the console. Select the Services desktop app as shown in the screenshot below.

In the services console, locate the Transaction Manager Integration Service as shown below:

Right click on the service and select Restart.

NOTE: If the service restart option doesn't seem to resolve your issue, attempt a manual clearing by right clicking on the service and selecting Stop. Wait a minute for processes to clear, go to your task manager and look for TmoIntSvcs.exe or TmoIntegrationService.exe and kill the processes. Once you have confirmed all processes are stopped, right click on the service in the services console and select Start.

If you're using Everest...

Whenever attempting to use Transaction Manager / Integrations with Everest โ€“ the operating computer must have the Everest SDK installed for the Integration Service to be able to connect.

If you're using SAP...

After upgrading the Integration Service, a required UDF is expected to be present but is missing from SAP. Add the UDF 'U_TRC_DocLookupID' into SAP.

rev: 3/17/22

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