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To get right to the point, we highly recommend you do not upgrade your business system until you speak with a TrueCommerce support member. There are many variables that must be taken into account before a successful upgrade can take place.

Upgrading an accounting system could potentially break the existing integration you have between the TrueCommerce platform and your business system. For this reason, TrueCommerce requires at least 3 weeks notice of a planned upgrade to ensure we can provide proper documentation and assistance.

TrueCommerce targets compatibility and full testing against new Business System updates within 90 days of a publishers latest version. However, even with this target deadline, some versions/upgrades are not compatible with the TrueCommerce integration layer.

Upgrading business systems is not covered under standard support. Charges may apply for service hours to assist in the upgrade and testing of your business system.

Contact the TrueCommerce Support Team for further assistance on this topic.

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