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If you have a transaction, such as a Purchase Order, that needs moved back to the Inbox, this can be easily done utilizing the Action Bar. (Please note: The Turnaround function can be completed in any folder.)

  1. Select the transaction in the Received Folder.
  2. Click Options in the Action Bar.
  3. Select Move to Inbox.

Is there a way to automatically move transactions from Received to Inbox?

Well, the short answer? No.

Creating a transaction by Turnaround or importing a transaction will automatically move it to the Received folder. Other than that, there's no way to automatically move a transaction to the Received folder. This is a deliberate process, as files in the Inbox are files that have yet to be reviewed or processed. It's important for you to be aware of these transactions. If transactions moved themselves to the Received folder automatically without any action, it would become easy to become lost with what transactions have and have not been processed.

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