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What's New in Product Manager? (April 2022)
What's New in Product Manager? (April 2022)
See what's available in the new release!
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Product: Product Manager

With the latest release of Product Manager, we're rolling out a few updates to make your life easier.

Subscription Import Improvements

Today, the current Subscription process demands that the user stay engaged throughout the entire import process from the time the file is uploaded to the time it is finished. All information related to Products that have failed or were successful is presented at this time via a pop-up window.

With this release, the experience has been changed to allow files to be uploaded and left to finish the upload process without the user staying engaged on the screen.

Once files are uploaded and pass certain basic validation checks, the process will continue in the background while the user continues working in other areas of the application.

Users will not have to continue checking back as new alerts can now be set up on the Platform to alert the user on screen or via email when the import has been completed.

Upon checking back, the user can visit a new Import Reports tab that will display all completed Subscriptions.

A Status field will indicate the result of the import along with the ability to view the details of the specific import. For those imports that have experienced errors on specific rows, a download button is presented which will download the file, matching the source format, which will allow for quick edits to the original file to allow for reuploading.

In this window, you will see:

  • Import definition name

  • Username

  • Start/complete date and time

  • Progress percentage

  • Import stage (Validating subscription, creating and updating products, lifecycle, complete)

  • Status (In progress, complete, cancelled, errors)

To see more details about that import, choose a row and click View.

You can also click the Log tab to see more details:

Tags Workspace

Currently you can apply tags to several fields within Product Manager but you’re unable to view, update or delete them once created. You'll now have a new workspace area where you can manage tags in a grid view. This will allow visibility to each of the separate set of areas where we store tags values in a grid style view.

You can find the tags workspace by navigating to Unified Commerce > Admin > Tags.

Identity Claims: Attributes

To give you more control over the content that users can view and/or edit, we are rolling out a new feature which allows you to use Identity Claims to specify which Attribute Groups a certain user or role can view in Product Manager.

Other Updates

  • Changes via import - Currently, you can only see edit history for a product that’s been manually edited. Now you will be able to see edit history for all changes made during bulk import.

  • Merge variants – When a variant is created outside the taxonomy, we put it in a group called “Auto Created” which protects users from errantly created Variants or Options. Now you can take the variant from that group and move it to a group of your choice as well as merging Options to existing Variants.

  • Image quality - Listings sites like eBay will reject images, specifically JPG image types, if they are not of a high enough quality for posting. This feature will alert you if the image doesn’t meet those requirements before you submit to a channel.

  • Inventory specific publication report - We now offer an onscreen report to show inventory sync exceptions like what we do for Publications for Pricing and Products.

rev: 4/4/22

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