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With the latest release of Pack & Ship, we're rolling out a few updates to make your life easier.

Carrier Management

We consolidated everything into one place to make it easier. When you add a new carrier, it automatically launches our new Carrier Creation Wizard. You can select from a licensed carrier or set up a carrier manually. Click here for more details.

Carrier Aliases

There’s a new feature we call Carrier Aliases which allows you to easily cross reference carrier services from source identifiers. This means you no longer have to create rules to set the carrier service on an order. With this new feature you can also set up payment methods along with the carrier.

Along with this new feature, you can import aliases in bulk for any carrier via an upload function using a standard spreadsheet.

Click here for more details.

New Automation Rules

With this release you can:

  • Set order tags with a rule

  • Enable or disable address validation on a per shipment basis

  • Set the container default package type

  • Copy automation rules

  • Export specific automation rules

Reporting Enhancements

Individual reports can now be configured to print more than one copy.

Performance Enhancements

We made some tweaks to our system that should result in faster processes and functions for you. For example, the Orders screen will no longer display archived orders resulting in considerable performance improvement.

Shipment History

The Shipment History screen has been freshened up:

  • You now have new Quick Search options (Shipment Number, Order Number, Ship Date, Status)

  • The Shipment History screen is split into two sections now: Active and Archive. You will search for shipments on one screen or the other, not both.

  • Customer Number and Customer Name can now easily be added to the grid in Shipment History which allows you to easily find shipments for specific customers

Archived Shipments

We’ve made a few updates to this feature. Reference the table below to see what you can do with Archived shipments.


No Longer Available

Reprint reports

Open in shipping screen

View labels


View operations log

Perform any master shipment functions

Print labels

Shipment summary report

Other Updates

  • Total number of line items can now be added to the orders grid to easily see how many lines are on an order. This is a great way to identify single line orders for faster processing.

  • You can now open orders belonging to saved shipments directly from the orders screen without having to search for them in Shipment History.

  • Package types, pallet types, and auto start new shipments can now be set as a default so you don't need to configure them each time you add a new user.

  • Inherit item category settings on item create

  • You can now delete partially shipped orders from the orders window. The remaining qty will simply be cancelled and the order will be removed from the screen.

  • Optional warning when remaining quantity is less than pack quantity.

rev: 3/18/22

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