This article will go through the steps to generate an API Token based on the Shopify Support Custom App.

Shopify install app steps:

1. Log in to the Shopify Admin site.

2. Navigate to Apps in the left panel.

3. In Apps, click Develop apps.

4. On the App development page, click Create an App.

5. In the Create an app pop-up, enter an App name, then click the Create app button.

6. Within the recently created app, click the API credentials tab.

7. Use the Configure Admin API scopes button to view a list of all scopes.

8. Inside the Admin API access scopes, API Access should be:

  • Orders – read/write

  • Products – read only

  • Inventory – read/write

  • Locations – read only

9. Click the Save button.

Once saved, the Install App button will become available.

10. Click the Install App button.

11. On the Install Shopify Custom App pop-up, click Install to confirm the installation.

The Admin API access token will be generated.

12. Reveal the token value. It will be used inside the Integration credentials

Note: The API access token generated can be revealed only once for security reasons. Therefore, ensure that you copy the value displayed and store it in a secure place.

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rev: 8/25/22

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