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Within the Account Management Portal inside of the Foundry platform, you can review and download your TrueCommerce invoices.

Simply expand the menu in Foundry then navigate to Account Management, click Billing and select Invoices.

Not seeing the invoices menu option or not seeing any invoices?

Chances are you just need your permissions adjusted. Your administrator will need to add the billing permission to your account. The steps to add that permission are as follows:

  1. Expand the Foundry User menu (top right) and select User and Roles under the Security tab

    NOTE: If this tab is not available, the user trying the action is not flagged as an administrator.

  2. Go into the Users section and select / edit the user intended to be given access.

  3. Click on the Authorizations tab, expand Account Management, and select Permissions. Inside the permissions screen, check Allow for the Billing control as shown below

    Have the user log out and log back in to receive the new permission.

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rev: 5/31/22

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