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The primary Actions bar in Mapping Manager contains the action items shown in the following screenshot and explained in the subsequent table, no matter if you are in Projects, Maps, or Entities.

  • Deploy - Click Deploy to push any changes made in Mapping Manager to Transaction Manager or to the Integration Gateway repository.

  • Rollback - Click Rollback to revert the latest changes to Project settings back to the previous value or settings.

  • Save XBSP - Click Save XBSP to create the XBSP file. This file represents the entire contents of a Project and can be manually loaded into Transaction Manager On-Premise by placing it in the C:\Program Files\True Commerce\Transaction Manager\Incoming folder on the server instance of Transaction Manager. This option can be used when testing the integration with Transaction Manager offline.

  • Create Backup - Click Create Backup to make a backup file of the entire BSP.

  • Restore Backup - Click Restore Backup to restore the entire BSP from a file.

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rev: 2/11/22

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