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Nexternal: Shipping Methods by Customer Type
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Product: Nexternal

More and more commonly, especially in the B2B sector, merchants are offering specific shipping methods by customer type, instead of globally to all customers. For example, retail customers may be offered express methods while wholesale customers may not. Further, in the B2C world, special shipping methods may be offered uniquely to club members or VIPs vs. the general customer base. In the Nexternal platform, offering different shipping methods by customer type is simple.

To set shipping methods by customer type, navigate to Settings / Shipping / Edit Shipping Page 2. Then check "Restrict Shipping Methods by Customer Type" at the top, to reveal rank and overrides buttons:

You may set a minimum rank which would mean that every customer type ranked that high or higher would have the shipping method available to them. (Ranks are set at Customers/Types/Edit Customer & Activity Types.) Or, you may click "Set Overrides" to make adjustments to deny or allow any shipping method for some or all customer types regardless of rank:

Note that customer type designations are also available on custom shipping methods as well as integrated shipping methods.

Once shipping methods by customer type has been activated, the settings are also displayed on the subsequent shipping setup pages for your convenience:

rev. 3/9/21

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