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Shipping overrides may be used to set up a merchant's standard shipping rates, and/or may be used to set up temporary shipping discounts. Shipping rates may be overridden in four ways:

1. In the Shipping Overrides Section (Settings / Shipping / Shipping Overrides)

2. Override Real-Time Rates in the Shipping Tables

3. On the Product Level (page two of Product setup)

4. Discount Shipping with a Coupon (Coupons / Coupon Application/Shipping)

Shipping Overrides Section

Shipping Overrides are special Shipping Rates that override all other Shipping Rates defined within Settings/Shipping. Shipping Overrides may be defined by Shipping Method, Zone, Ship From, Customer Type, and Shipment Minimum to provide maximum flexibility in tailoring Shipping Rates to your business needs.

The Shipping Method field allows you to apply the override to a specific Shipping Method, or to all shipping methods (any). Likewise, the Zone and Ship From fields allow you to apply the override to a specific Shipping Zone and Ship-From Address (Settings / Ship-From Addresses), respectively; or to any (meaning "all"). The Customer Type field allows you to apply the override to a specific Customer Type (Customers / Types); to all Customer Types that meet or exceed a specified minimum Rank; or to all Customer Types.

The Minimum field allows you to specify the minimum criterion for the override to apply. You may choose not to use a minimum; or to apply a minimum price, quantity, or weight. The Minimum may further apply at the shipment, ship-to, or order level, and you will see this selection opportunity after you select price, quantity or weight.

The Price field defines the Shipping Rate charged, when applicable. The -- option makes no changes and allows the Shipping Rate defined within Settings/Shipping to continue to apply; the Flat option defines a flat rate; the × Price option defines a rate per dollar (i.e. the aggregate price of all line items in the shipment is multiplied by the value entered to determine the Shipping Rate); the × Quantity option defines a rate per product; and the × Weight option defines a rate per pound.

The RTR field handles the scenario in which the shipment is designated, via the option at Edit Shipping (Page 3 or Page 7, depending on configuration), to use a Real-Time Rate via an Online Shipping Tool (Settings/Compatible Software/Online Shipping Tools). The -- option makes no changes and allows the Real-Time Rate to continue to apply. The Override option overrides the Real-Time Rate and applies the rate determined by the Price field to the shipment. The + Flat and + % options continue to apply the Real-Time Rate, adding an adjustment of either a flat rate (e.g. $5.00) or a percentage (e.g. 10%), respectively. To adjust up, enter a positive number; to adjust down, enter a negative number. If no Real-Time Rate would otherwise apply to the shipment, this field is inconsequential.

When applying Shipping Overrides to a given shipment, the override furthest down the list that matches all of the shipment's criteria is used; thus, higher numbered overrides take precedence over lower numbered ones. When appropriate, the Change Order button allows you to set the order in which Shipping Overrides apply. The order is set by dragging and dropping options to their desired places in the list.


  1. Shipping Overrides do not override Shipping Rates defined at the product level via the Override Shipping Rates option in the Product Overrides section. Furthermore, when a Minimum is defined at the shipment level, any line items for which override Shipping Rates are defined at the product or SKU level are excluded from consideration as to whether the Minimum has been met; however, when a Minimum is defined at the ship-to or order level, all line items are included in consideration of the Minimum to avoid circular dependencies.

  2. When determining aggregate price in conjunction with the Minimum or Price field, discounts that apply after the Order Subtotal but before Sales Tax (e.g. Customer Discounts, Coupon Discounts, Order Discounts, etc.) are distributed according to the Discount Distribution field on Edit Shipping (Page 1).

  3. Any adjustment to a Real-Time Rate specified via the RTR field overrides the Rate Adjustment fields at Settings / Compatible Software / Online Shipping Tools / Preferences.

Discount Real-Time Rates In the Shipping Tables

On the screens following page 2 in the Shipping section, you may set your Shipping Rates in accordance with the Shipping Cost Calculation method selected on Edit Shipping (Page 1). If Real-Time Rates are in use for a given Shipping Method/Shipping Zone/Ship-From Address combination, the rates defined on these screens are used in the Online Store only in cases in which the appropriate Online Shipping Tool cannot return a rate (or not at all, if the Only If Available option is also in use). If you are using a tiered Shipping Cost Calculation (i.e. TIERED_QTY, TIERED_PRICE, or TIERED_WEIGHT), you may override Real-Time Rates for a given shipping method and tier, when applicable, via the ORTR (Override Real-Time Rate) checkbox.

Note: The rates and overrides on these screens can be overridden in the Shipping Overrides Section; and, at the product level, via the Override Shipping Rates option in the Product Overrides section on page 2 of product setup, and with a coupon.

Override Shipping Rates on the Product Level

You may follow the steps below or you may use the Guided Tutorial right in your OMS called "Discount Shipping on Nexternal Product - No Coupon" for the steps to discount shipping on the product level. (Guided Tutorials are accessed separately from the Support Center in Foundry, through the link to Guided Tutorials in the system navigation under the question mark at the top. In the legacy standalone version of Nexternal they can be accessed through the Guided Tutorials link in the left navigation.)

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Products and then click on the name of the product for which you wish to offer free shipping or discounted shipping.

  2. Click Edit next to Product Overrides.

  3. On the top right, click "Override Shipping Rates", and this will reveal new Shipping Rates fields below the overrides section.

  4. Enter the rates you want to charge next to each method in each zone. Then click Next.

Tip: Only fill in rates of the methods you want to override. Leave all others blank. (The regular shipping tables in Settings will continue to apply to all blank methods. Only the methods for which you enter amounts here will be overridden.)

For FedEx, remember that both Home and Ground are ground methods.

To see the zones and methods as they are set in the shipping tables in Settings, click "Show Zones & Methods" to the left.

Note that discounts set at the Product level take precedence over discounts set in the Shipping Overrides Section.

Discount Shipping with a Coupon

You may discount up to four shipping methods with a coupon (Coupons / Coupon Application). Coupon shipping discounts will apply to entire shipments.

Simply set up the coupon as you would for a product, and then in Coupon Application, select Shipping, and use the pulldowns to select up to four shipping methods you wish to discount from the rates set in the shipping tables in the Settings section.

Here again, for FedEx, remember that both Home and Ground are ground methods.

rev: 11/4/21

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