Product: Transaction Manager

In order to ensure Transaction Manager is configured correctly for your computer, you can select between Legacy Advanced, Enhanced Advanced and Standard Functionality in your Integration Settings. Note: All options allow for Standard Functionality to View, Create, Edit, Print, or Send transactions.

Select Option 1 - Advanced Functionality with legacy Integration Service if you're:

You will need to download Transaction Manager's Integration Service to perform these actions.

Select Option 2 - Advanced Functionality with enhanced Integration Service if you're:

You will need to download the Integration Service to perform these tasks. You'll only need to download the Integration Service on the primary machine containing the ERP application. (NOTE: If you're using the On-Premise Labeling Utility, you'll need to download the Integration Service on any machine utilizing this utility.)

Benefits of Option 2:

  1. It’s a short, easier, more manageable installation. It’s faster in that it only needs to be installed once on your application/database server. It’s a straight “pass through” that “talks” from whatever machine is in your environment directly to TrueCommerce’s application service.

  2. It’s more manageable from a permissions standpoint, as you can more easily configure group policies for one machine vs many.

  3. You no longer have to download a local certificate, which means a yearly update of a certificate is no longer required.

Select Option 3 - Standard Functionality if you're:

  • Accessing Transaction Manager Online from a public computer

  • Only Viewing, Creating, Editing, Printing or Sending transactions

  • Integrating with a Cloud-based Business System only (Import and/or Export transactions)

  • Printing UCC-128 labels to PDF (Web-based)

To switch between these options:

  1. Click the Navigation Menu Icon in the upper left corner.

  2. Under Transaction Manager, click Integration Settings.

  3. Select one of the options. They will be in the right hand view under Advanced Integration Service Integration Settings. Click Save in the Action Bar. NOTE: Choosing either Option 1 or 2 may require you to download the Integration Service.

For step-by-step guidance, click the ? icon in the upper right corner of Foundry. Select Guided Tutorials and search for Integration Service Options.

rev: 6/9/22

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