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Once an item is ordered to be picked up at a particular location, you cannot change the location for that existing line item. Instead, you must re-add the line item with the updated location, and delete the line item for the replaced location.

Follow these steps to change the pickup location on a line item in an existing order:

1. Click on the Order#, scroll down to the Line Items section.

2. On the 'Line Items' bar click the 'Add' button. This will take you to the internal version of the store.

3. Find the item(s) in the order for which you want to change the pickup location, select "Pickup" and select the new desired pickup location, then click Add to Cart.

4. When all items in the order have been added to the cart with the new preferred pickup location, click "Add to Order" in the Shopping Cart.

5. Now remove the original line item(s) tied to the original pickup location from the Order by clicking on the 'X" icon next to each line item in the Line Items section.

Please note, the sales tax amount for the order may change when these modifications are applied, if the sales tax rate at the new pickup location differs from that applicable to the replaced location.

rev: 11/17/21

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