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Nexternal: Convert an Order from Ship to Pickup and Reverse the Shipping Charges
Nexternal: Convert an Order from Ship to Pickup and Reverse the Shipping Charges

Is a customer going to pick up an order that was originally placed for shipping? No problem, here's how to manage it.

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Product: Nexternal

If a ship order is eligible for an automated conversion, you will see a "Convert to Pickup" button above the line items on the order summary page, where you land when you click on the order number from the order list page (do not click the edit pencil on the order, click the order number.)

'Once you click the Convert to Pickup button, you will see the following screen:

Select the pickup location for the customer and indicate whether you would like the tax to remain the same or for the tax to automatically recalculate based on the pickup location vs the ship-to location for which it was previously calculated (typically you will want to recalculate it).
Finally, if you would like the system to automatically email the customer, modify the email as well, if you wish.

After you've made your selections and any desired email modifications, click the button on the bottom of the page which represents what you want to do - Submit and send an email, submit the order conversion but don't send an email, or change your mind and cancel this process. (Cancel does not mean cancel the order, it means cancel this conversion process.)

The order will recalculate with these changes at the bottom of the page, where you can see if there will be a refund to the customer when the order is processed. If you had already captured the funds on the converted order prior to this conversion, you will then need to go to the credit card terminal to process the refund.

Upon conversion, the order will be converted to a pickup order, but it will retain the same order number.

Transaction Manager Users

If you are using TrueCommerce Connect, you will need to re-send the order to Transaction Manager after the conversion by using the TrueCommerce Resend button on the order summary page:

Ship Compliant Users

If you are using ShipCompliant, you probably will need to go into ShipComplaint and delete the order, since pickup orders don't flow to ShipCompliant, so you can't resync the order.

Ineligible Orders

(If the button is grayed out and inactive, the order isn't eligible for automated conversion and you can see the reason why in hoverstate - (for example, perhaps the product isn't set up as pickup-able, or you use a POS system that doesn't accept order updates, etc.)

If your order is ineligible, you'll have to cancel this order and create a new pickup order. Don't forget to either refund this order entirely and recharge the credit card on the new order, or refund the shipping fees on this order, and make a note on the new order that payment was collected on this canceled order.

If you need assistance with converting an order from ship to pickup, please contact your Nexternal Account Manager or Customer Support, whose information you can find at the top of the Settings section in your Nexternal Order Management System.

rev. 6/16/21


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