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The TrueCommerce Packing List solution makes it easy for you to generate packing lists. All you have to do is print! The TrueCommerce Mapping team takes care of creating the packing lists based on Trading Partner specifications, and will take care of any updates requested by the Trading Partner.

Keep in mind that some Trading Partners require them, while others don't. The format will also vary from Trading Partner to Trading Partner, and each Trading Partner will have their own requirements (i.e. format, specific paper to be used). If you have any questions regarding the format or the requirements, contact your Trading Partner.

Things to know:

  1. Each individual packing list will need to be purchased separately, as Trading Partners require them.

  2. Our packing slip program is built around the ASN. Packing slips should be printed from ASNs, as the ASN reflects what actually ships..

  3. If you want information added to the packing list that isn't already on the specifications, this would need to be approved by your Trading Partner, and then could be created for you as a custom packing list for an additional charge.

  4. If there are multiple packing list options for your Trading Partner, try printing them all to a PDF to see how they all look/which will work best for your business.

  5. If you are printing from a transaction that contains information needed on the packing list but it isn’t showing up, you’ll want to either: a) contact your assigned Implementation Specialist if you’re currently in Testing, or b) submit a case with TC Support.

Want to see a demonstration of a packing list being printed? Check out the Packing List video in TrueCommerce University under the Added Functionality section.

Interested in purchasing the Packing List solution? Contact your Account Manager for more information!

Not sure who your Account Manager is? You can find out in the Account Management Portal within Foundry! Check out this article to find out how.

rev: 8/4/22

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