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To activate the drop ship feature that is built into your Order Management System (OMS):

1. Add the Drop Shipper as a Vendor in the Vendors section of the OMS.
a. Go to Vendors, click New & add your drop shipper.
b. Use the question mark tooltips there to guide your decisions.

2. Associate this Vendor with the products that they distribute.
a. Edit a product you would like to drop ship
b. In the Vendor dropdown (near the top) select your Drop shipper & click finish
Note: You may also do this in bulk via the product export spreadsheet in Products / Export/Traffic Tools / Product Excel.

3. Activate the DropShip Module.
a. Go to Settings / Site Options – Edit / Drop Shipping
b. Click "Allow Drop Shipping"
c. Use the question mark tooltips there to guide your choices on triggers and other settings.

4. If you would like the shipping charges for dropshipped items to be calculated differently from your other store items, you will need to make those modifications in either of two main ways:
a. Override the charges on the product level (edit the product and look in the overrides section on page two), or
b. Create another “ship from address” (Settings/ Ship-From Addresses) specifically for the drop shipper, and then change your shipping calculations for that new ship from address in the Shipping section of the OMS. If you created a new ship-from address, you will also need to edit the appropriate products and assign them to the new ship-from address.
i. Edit the product
ii. In the “Ships From” dropdown, select your new ship from address and click finish.

Note: For more robust, fully-automated order and inventory data exchange, TrueCommerce offers an add-on cloud-based integration option to link vendor systems with the Nexternal eCommerce platform (fees apply). The integration automates the exchange of critical supply chain data to accelerate fulfillment, eliminate errors, and reduce out-of-stocks. Learn More.

rev: 5/17/21

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