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As well as attributes, we can also create custom description fields to hold different types of descriptions for your products (e.g. short description, extended descriptions, channel specific descriptions etc). Description fields will allow you to store more text than a standard attribute and also supports basic HTML input.

To access this section, navigate to Unified Commerce > Product Manager > Taxonomy > Variants. Then select the Descriptions tab.

To add a new description type:

  1. Click the Descriptions tab. By default, PIM automatically creates a Description and Short Description option for you. However, you can add as many custom descriptions as you need.

  2. Click Add and specify a name for your description within the Description Type Name field.

  3. Place a tick within the Is Default field to denote your main description type. The description that shows on the main product list page is driven by the description type set as default.

    If additional languages are enabled, the translations can also be entered. If not used, leave those fields blank.

4. Click Save

5. You can also change the name of an existing description (except Description and Short Description) by selecting Edit.

Once you have added your description types, you’ll see these options available within the Description section when mapping an import and export template and within the product page.

rev: 4/26/21

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