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The optional Directed Fulfillment module (premium option, fees apply) is a powerful extension of the Enhanced Inventory module of Inventory Control. In short, it automates selection, on an order-by-order basis, of where the item will ship from based on inventory, shipping rates and time in transit.

For products that ship from more than one location (as defined at Settings / Ship-From Addresses), Directed Fulfillment allows you to designate multiple Ship-From Locations for those products when creating or editing a product, via the Product Import (Products / Import), and via the XML ProductUpdate Tool (Settings / XML Tools). When such a product is added to the Shopping Cart for shipment, the Ship-From Location is determined according to the following criteria, applied in the order listed:

  1. Line items are assigned locations that have sufficient available inventory to fulfill the order. If some inventory is available but no location has sufficient inventory for a line item, the line item is separated into multiple line items to maximize the correspondence between line item quantity and available inventory.

  2. When possible, all line items for a given Ship-To Address are assigned to the same Ship-From Location. When that is not possible, the number of Ship-From Locations is minimized.

  3. When possible, Shipping Rate for the first available Shipping Method (Settings / Shipping) is minimized.

  4. When possible, Time in Transit for the first available Shipping Method is minimized.

If you wish to enable Directed Fulfillment, you must first demo this module with an Account Representative (see the top of the Settings section in your Order Management System), and you must first have enabled Enhanced Inventory. Once you have done so, you may agree to the terms provided, then enable the feature by checking the Enable Directed Fulfillment checkbox.


  1. You may display the selected Ship-From Location for each product added to the Shopping Cart for shipment via the Cart Ship From option (Settings / Boolean Options).

  2. When placing a Bulk Order (Orders / Bulk Order), the Primary Ship-From Location is always used for shipment.

  3. For existing orders, Ship-From Location may be reassigned at the Line Item level on the Edit Order screen (Page 2).

  4. Once enabled, the Directed Fulfillment module may not be disabled while there are products with more than one Ship-From Location. Likewise, you may not deactivate Inventory Control or Enhanced Inventory while Directed Fulfillment is in use.

rev: 6/1/21

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