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The Additional Notification Recipients option (Settings / Edit Site Options / Additional Notification Recipients) controls whether or not you allow your customers to specify additional recipients for order-related e-mails (i.e. Order Confirmation E-Mail, Shipped E-Mail) while checking out. A value of None means that Additional Notification Recipients are not available under any circumstances. A value of BtoC means Additional Notification Recipients are available only in the BtoC Store, while a BtoB value makes Additional Notification Recipients available only in the BtoB Store. The Both option makes Additional Notification Recipients available in both stores.

Additional Notification Recipients receive only order-related emails for the order(s) to which they have been added as additional notification recipients. They are not added to your general mailing list, and under the CAN-SPAM Act, are not eligible to be added to your general mailing list.


  1. If this feature is in use (i.e. BtoC, BtoB, or Both is selected), it is available when creating orders from within the Order Management System.

  2. For this to work, you must also have the Order Confirmation E-Mail (Settings/Boolean Options) turned on.

rev. 3/23/21

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