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What is the Initiative?

The EDI 753 is being implemented for all vendors that ship stock orders, collect to a Lowes location. This mandatory document needs to be implemented by March 31, 2021.

When can testing begin?

Testing can begin once you have received the official notification from Lowes requesting the 753.

How is the 753 tested?

A 753 transaction will be created using either an old or current 850 (Purchase Order) received from Lowes. Please note: You do have the option to send this transaction via Lowe's webform portal, which does not require testing.

If you plan to send the 753 via TrueCommerce:

  • First, respond to the email from Lowes indicating that you're ready to begin testing.

  • Second, the 753 can be created by Turnaround:

  1. Select the Purchase Order you want to use for testing.

  2. Click Turnaround in the Action Bar.

  3. Choose Request for Routing Instructions AltLoopID from the list of transactions. Click OK.

4. Navigate to the Outbox, and open the 753. Fill out any mandatory fields. Make sure to fill out the two fields below with the value TESTPO:

Under the Main tab -- in the Reference number field -- enter TESTPO

Under the Routing Instructions tab -- in the PO # field -- enter TESTPO

Once all fields are filled in, the test can be sent.

What happens once the test is sent?

Once the 753 is sent, Lowes will email you, confirming if you've passed testing and will ask for a Production date. Once the Production date is set with Lowes, you'll be expected to send the 753 in Production. Make sure that the 753 is switched from Test mode to Production mode. You can check out this article for steps on how to do this.

UPDATE (3/4/2021): If you send a test 753 using TESTPO as instructed and receive an 824 rejection (sample below), this can be disregarded. Lowes will send an 824 as part of the testing process.

Lowes 753 Guidelines

  • Lowes expects to receive the 753 at least 3 days prior to the expected ship date that is communicated on the PO.

  • If the 753 does not post to the application, you will receive an 824 stating cause for rejection. If the 753 does not post successfully into the application, the freight cannot be planned. Therefore, the rejections will need to be worked as priority.

  • Once the 753 has successfully posted, the freight movement can be planned overnight. The next business day, you should be able to see LTL shipments planned in TMS via LowesLink.


1. The 753 will be expected for ALL collect, stock orders.

2. If Lowes orders for US and Canada from the same vendor number, the 753 will be required for BOTH US and Canadian orders.

3. What should my weight/cube be? The weight and cube included in the 753 should be the TOTAL order weight and TOTAL order cube/volume.

4. The 753 must be returned 3 days prior to the expected ship date.

5. Ready to ship date should always be in the future. This date cannot be in the past as it will reject.

6. Am I still required to send Lowe’s ASN’s? All other documents currently sent to Lowes are still required.

7. How will I know what carrier is picking up the purchase order? You will need to login to LowesLink and review the loads in TMS (Transportation Management System).

8. How do I access TMS in LowesLink? Please login to and choose “Change My Access”. Please request access to Transportation Management System. This is a two approval add and does take several days to complete. If you do not have access to LowesLink, please go to and choose getting started/register here. You will register for Transportation Management System.

9. What changes for my BOL? Once the order has been tendered to a carrier, you will use the ship to location, from LowesLink for your BOL. This could be different than what is received on the order, if going to our Domestic Consolidation Center (DCC) For further BOL questions, please reach out to your load planner.

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