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Nexternal: Set Up an Effective Referral Program with ReferralCandy
Nexternal: Set Up an Effective Referral Program with ReferralCandy
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Turn every customer into an ambassador with ReferralCandy’s Customer Referral program! ReferralCandy is a third-party program that integrates beautifully with Nexternal to execute a fully-branded, effective referral program. While reasonable fees apply for your ReferralCandy account after the first 30-day free trial, it's free to integrate it with your Nexternal platform.

Here's how it works: When customers order from you, they receive an email with their own ReferralCandy links. When those customers share their links with their friends, both the new customer and referring customer are rewarded with rewards that you set up, creating a win/win situation for both parties. Naturally, you benefit by obtaining a new customer! ReferralCandy allows you to unleash the power of social commerce.

Setup is simple: Simply connect your store to your Order Management System (OMS) following these instructions, set up your rewards (percentage discount, dollar discount, cash, or custom gift) in ReferralCandy, connect your marketing apps (such as Mailchimp), engage your customers, and watch your referral sales grow!

Learn more about ReferralCandy here. Setup documentation can be found here.

rev: 01/30/21

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