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Merchants may offer customers the option to pay their invoices via credit card in the "My Account" section of the merchant's store. When this feature is active, a Pay Invoice button will appear on each eligible order in the My Account section. A text link will also appear in the My Account section next to each eligible order's order status. These links lead to a new page where the eligible orders are shown in a table, along with dates, amounts, and PO numbers (if used). The customer may select one or more invoices they wish to pay, and the total amount of all selected Invoices is tallied at the bottom of the page. The customer may choose to use a new or saved credit card to pay the Invoice(s).

If the payment is submitted successfully, a confirmation message will be displayed and the order status will switch to Paid. Customers may wish to print fresh copies of their invoices, showing the amount paid, date, and type of credit card used.

Although the customer may pay multiple invoices with a single click, each invoice payment will be processed as a unique transaction with its own transaction ID number.

Also, merchants may control which invoice orders are eligible for payment based on their billing status: Billed and Unbilled, or Billed.

This feature may be activated in Settings / Billing Options / Invoice / Allow Customers to Pay Invoices in My Account. To implement we recommend that you follow the steps in the Guided Tutorial called "Activate Pay Invoices Feature in Nexternal". (Guided Tutorials are accessed separately from the Support Center in Foundry, through the link to Guided Tutorials in the system navigation under the question mark at the top. In the legacy standalone version of Nexternal they can be accessed through the Guided Tutorials link in the left navigation.)

In order to offer the customer the ability to print their invoices, the OMS must also be configured with the following three options activated: Invoice Show Payment and Expose Invoice to Customer (both in the Settings / Site Options / Invoices & Packing Slips), as well as Share Payments with Customers (in Settings / Payment Gateways / Preferences).

Note that new options have been added to the Credit Card Report, which complement this new feature.

rev: 1/6/21

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