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Preferred Delivery Date

Preferred Delivery Date can be managed in Settings / Expected Fulfillment / Expected Shipping Time. If you are using Expected Shipping Time, the Preferred Delivery Date option allows customers to choose their delivery date. If available, a customer may choose a Preferred Delivery Date from a select box on the Invoice (final checkout) screen. If the Cart Calculator option (Settings/Boolean Options) is on, a customer may also choose a Preferred Delivery Date from within the Cart Calculator.

In the Order Management System (OMS), Preferred Delivery Dates and Preferred Ship Dates are denoted via truck icons on the Order List and Detail screens, so you can easily see what must be shipped. A green truck denotes a shipment that should ship today to meet the Preferred Delivery Date. A red truck denotes future shipping, while a yellow truck denotes an overdue shipment. A transparent truck, used only on the Order Detail screen, indicates that a shipment with a Preferred Delivery Date has been shipped.

Also in the OMS, the "View Outstanding" link at the top of the Order List screen is replaced by a select box by which you may choose to view all orders, outstanding orders, today orders (i.e. those with a Preferred Ship Date of today, or an overdue ship date), and non-future orders (i.e. all outstanding orders other than those with a Preferred Ship Date in the future).

Furthermore, when performing Batch Processing (Orders/Batch Process), you may choose to filter out those shipments that have a future Preferred Ship Date; you may apply the same filtering on many of the available Order Reports (Orders/Report) and Vendor Reports (Vendors/Report).

We recommend that you watch the following 5-minute video and then read the ? tooltips in the OMS very carefully when setting up the feature.

rev: 1/27/21

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