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Shipping Screen

No matter how you got to this screen, once you start your shipment, it takes you to the package screen if it has enough information (ship to address, shipping options).

If the system didn’t have the full ship to address, it would start you at the Ship To screen.

If there was something amiss in the shipping options, it would start you on the Shipping Options screen.

Package Screen

In our case, we’re starting on step 3 of the journey.

The package screen is where you will put the items in a box.

The left side shows you all items that are on the order.

(Tip: At this point you could click the flyout and the system will filter to show you all orders that could be consolidated on this shipment if you choose.)

To add items to a package, you have a few options:

  • Pack All

  • Single chevron to pack one item at a time

  • Double chevron to pack all items

Once you add that item to a package, the right side shows you that all items have been packed. You would continue adding items to the box until that package is full.

At this point, you would click Add Package.

Notice this section shows we are now adding items to Package 2.

You can repeat this anytime you can’t fit any more items in a box. Just click Add Package. Continue adding to it until all items have been packed.

When all items have been packed, you can see all packages in the drop-down. Depending on your configuration, you may or may not see weight values.

The next step is to choose carriers. You can advance to the next step 3 ways. It’s your choice:

  • Click the Go to Carriers button

  • Click the Next button

  • Click Carriers in the journey bar

Carriers Screen

Some values may be defaulted but you can change the options if you wish. First choose an option on the left side of the screen then click the Get Rates button.

For more details about choosing carriers, click here.

Depending on your configuration, it could display the least expensive rate, the fastest delivery or the least expensive option within a delivery window.

Make your selection and click the Ship It button.

Summary Screen

The system then takes you to the Shipping Summary screen and your label prints automatically. A packing list will also print if you have that set up. Depending on your configuration, the system may take you back to the Shipping screen where you can start working on a new order.

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