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X report - Run an X report when you want a quick snapshot of your cash drawer balance.

Z Report - Run a Z report when you want a final balance of your cash drawer.

Here's how:

A cash drawer must first be paired with the iPad in order to generate an X or Z Report for that iPad. Only Engage Managers (as defined on user records in the Users section of the Order Management System {OMS}) have the ability to start a cash drawer, end a cash drawer, adjust in or adjust out cash, and view X and Z reports within Engage. X and Z Reports may also be generated from within the OMS if the logged-in user has access to reporting (as defined by their user role in the User section).

To enable the cash drawer feature, a cash drawer must first be paired with a license in your OMS. This only needs to occur once:

  • Navigate to Settings / Engage in your OMS.

  • Click the Cash Drawer check box for the corresponding iPad for which you wish to use a cash drawer.

Note: After enabling the cash drawer, you may need to restart Engage by closing and re-opening the application (double tapping the iPad home button and swiping up on the application).

To start a cash drawer, a manager must log into Engage and click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner.

  • Under Manage Cash Drawer, click Start Cash Drawer.

  • Enter the opening amount, which represents the cash in the drawer at the beginning of the shift.

  • Click Save Amount. (You should then see a prompt that your cash drawer is now ready.

  • Click okay.

Operate the iPad as usual. At any point during the shift (before the cash drawer is closed indicating the end of the shift), a Manager can generate an X Report by clicking the hamburger menu and selecting X Report.

The X Report will display all of your transactions by payment method (credit card, cash, check, etc.) until you end the cash drawer (usually at the end of the shift).

To end the drawer, count the cash in the drawer. Then navigate to the hamburger menu and click on End Cash Drawer. Enter the amount in the drawer at the end of the shift. Click save amount and close.

Once the cash drawer is ended, the X Report for the shift is no longer available, and instead, a Z report can be generated.

Download the comprehensive Engage User Guide here.

rev: 10/152/21

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