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Refer to the articles below for comprehensive Best Practices for Product Catalog Management. Follow these best practices to ensure that:

• Your product catalog remains easy to manage and manipulate over time

• You can pull accurate reports from the system

• Your customers (and Google!) can find what they are looking for in your online store

1. Product Status vs. Product Visibility for Removing Products from the Store

2. 301 redirects of discontinued products or categories

3. Create new products instead of re-using old ones

4. Archive older orders

5. Use WYSIWYG editors properly to avoid editing & display problems

6. Best Image File Naming Protocols

7. The "Hide Inactive", "Product Status Sort" & "Show Empty Categories" Boolean Options

8. Using the OMS - The Four Golden Rules

To download the complete guide to the Best Practices for Product Catalog Management, click here.

rev: 11/16/21

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