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To find all of your active club members by club type, follow these steps:

1. Be sure all of your wine club member customer types are set as "Club" (Customers / Types (blue button at top) / Click Next / Club column / Click Finish)

2. Go to Customers / Advanced Search / Customer Search, and Click Next

3. Scroll to "Club Grouping" and select "Yes"

4. Scroll to "Active" and select "Yes"

5. Click the Search button at the bottom of the page

Once the results appear, you can export them into a spreadsheet, or you can run reports against them:

A. You can export the results into an Excel spreadsheet:

Select Report (top of page): Click Export (blue button at top), and select Export Type "Excel" and export Criteria "Results of Current Search".

Then click Export.

B. You can Create a Report based on the results of the search:

1. Change the Date Range as fits your need and be sure to check the box to "Restrict to Results of Current Search"

2. Select a Report Type

3. Select a Report Basis

4. Click Create Report

rev: 10/21/20

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