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Navigate to the Customers section in your Order Management System (OMS).

Click Advanced Search in the upper right.

Select Order History Search and then use the following search criteria:

-Customers who have placed at least X orders


-Customers who have ordered since [enter date], with Order Status [select: Shipped or Picked Up*], and Billing Status [select: Paid].

(*Note - you will have to run separate reports for Shipped orders and Picked Up orders)

Click Search, and after you get your results, then click the blue Report button at the top of the page.

For the Report Range enter the same date range that was used in the Order History Search Criteria, Check the Results of the Current Search checkbox, Select the 'Product Report' and 'Filled' radio buttons, then click on "Create Report" at the bottom of the page.

rev: 12/29/20

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