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The Order History Search (Customers / Advanced Search / Order History Search) allows you to search for customers based on the orders that they have placed, or based on the count or product(s) of active subscriptions. Order History Searches allow you to segment your customer database for targeted emails, telephone campaigns, and other marketing efforts.

You can, for example, find those customers who have placed a minimum number of orders, or find customers who have purchased, or have subscribed to, a particular product. Or, as another example, you can find people who have purchased one product but have not yet purchased a specific companion product.

As you can see from the screenshot below, there are numerous factors you can use to deeply segment the customer database:

If you wish to use a particular criterion, check the appropriate box and enter the data required to complete the criterion. If you select multiple criteria (boxes on the far left), "AND" logic is used, meaning that only customers who meet ALL selected criteria are returned.

However, within a given criterion, when multiple products or categories are allowed, either ANY (or) or ALL (and) logic may be selected to combine those multiple products or categories. For example, within the inclusive "ordered products" criterion (customers who have ordered the following X number of products), ANY logic applied to the multiple selected products would mean customers that ordered any one of the selected products would be included in the result. If ALL logic were applied, only customers that ordered all of the selected products would be chosen.


  1. If you perform both a Customer Search and an Order History Search, the search results are those that meet the criteria of both searches. However, if you perform a second Order History Search, the second search will override the first.

  2. You may create a Customer Report or Export, or perform a Customer Cleanup, based on the results of a search. To do so, execute the search, then click Report, Export, or Cleanup from the Customer List screen, and select Results of Current Search where appropriate. Results of Customer Detail and Order History Searches may also be used as Contact Criteria in the Mail Wizard (Customers/Mail Wizard), and to restrict the results of Order Exports (Orders/Export).

Once you've completed your Customer History Search and get your results, you may export them or you may select them as the basis for a number of reports.

Example Order History Searches:

Find “First Time” Purchasers for a Certain Time Frame

Find Customers Who Have Not Ordered in the Last Year

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