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This is a setup guide for using the Walker Bluetooth reader and OpenEdge Payments in TrueCommerce Engage, and not a comprehensive guide for using TrueCommerce Engage. Please see the Engage User Guide for further details about Engage Point of Sale.


1. You have contacted your Global Payments Integrated (formerly OpenEdge) Account representative to get the UserID and Password credentials that you will use for the OpenEdge Mobile app.

2. You have set up your products, settings, and payment gateway credentials in the Nexternal Order Management System (OMS). Be sure that you have added the Retail Terminal ID and Retail Auth Key in Settings / Compatible Software / Payment Gateways.

How to Set Up and Pair the Walker Bluetooth Card Reader

1. Turn on your Walker Bluetooth (power button is on side of the device).

2. Download and install “OpenEdge Mobile” from the App Store on your iPad.

3. Plug your credentials into the OpenEdge Mobile app. (NOTE – You may need to manually tap into the Password Field). <Nexternal support reps – append the prefix “Test-” to your User ID.>

4. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and choose Settings.

5. Tap Device Setup.

6. Tap Walker Bluetooth and Search for New Device.

7. Select the device with the serial number starting with"CHB".

8. Tap Test Device.

9. You should see a “Device is Ready” message. Insert a card.

10. You should see a “Success” message.

How to Connect Engage with Global Payments Integrated (formerly OpenEdge)

1. Log into Engage

2. Click on the hamburger menu in the top left corner

3. Select Processing

4. Select OpenEdge. This will connect to the OpenEdge credentials you have already entered in your Nexternal OMS. (You must have all OpenEdge fields populated in the OMS in Settings / Compatible Software / Payment Gateways in order to use OpenEdge with Engage.)

How to use the Walker Card Reader in Engage

1. Log into Engage

2. Add items to cart and select Card at checkout

3. When redirected to OpenEdge POS, tap on “Process”

4. Insert or swipe card, sign, and tap done. (Alternatively, manually keying in the numbers is an option.)

rev. 10/15/21

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