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Sovos ShipCompliant is the leading compliance solution for wineries looking to participate in the valuable direct-to-consumer sales channel. Sovos' ShipCompliant online platform enables wineries to easily manage the rules and regulations required to ship alcohol compliantly throughout the US. Compliance checks are performed on each order that enters the system to ensure that orders are compliant prior to shipping. At the end of each reporting period, Sovos ShipCompliant produces signature-ready direct shipping, sales tax, and excise tax reports. Sovos ShipCompliant's comprehensive alert system automatically notifies wineries with the latest regulatory changes and compliance status updates to help them stay fully compliant in each state to which they ship.

Nexternal is a gold-certified Sovos ShipCompliant partner. Your winery (or other alcohol beverage business) can configure your Nexternal eCommerce platform to:

  • Automatically perform real-time compliance checks at the time orders are placed. This includes online orders, wine club orders, and phone orders. Various business rules can be configured in the Nexternal Order Management System (OMS) to determine how orders are committed to ShipCompliant.

  • Resubmit orders to ShipCompliant through the back-end OMS on the Order Detail Screen. This is helpful if an order has been edited and must be recommitted.

  • Synchronize orders with ShipCompliant in batch, including shipping statuses and tracking numbers. This is very efficient for wineries that use 3rd-party wine fulfillment companies also integrated with ShipCompliant (Bacchus Distribution, Copper Peak Logistics, Pack N Ship Direct, Vintage Logistics, Wine Country Pack and Ship, etc).

  • Automatically sync tracking numbers and shipping statuses every night. This alleviates the need to manually execute a sync.

  • Pull sales tax rates directly from ShipCompliant. These rates are accurate down to the street level address.

  • Support Custom Shipping Methods. You can create custom shipping methods in Nexternal's eCommerce Platform and sync those too.

Wineries also have the option of logging into ShipCompliant and "pulling" orders out of Nexternal. This method works really well for wineries that allocate their wines and have wish lists since there is a significant chance the original order will change before it is shipped.

To set up the Nexternal/Sovos ShipCompliant Integration in your OMS, download the Sovos ShipCompliant/Nexternal Integration Guide. Then follow the steps below in the following important note.


We recommend that Sovos ShipCompliant users select Sovos ShipCompliant as your sales tax rate source. To implement this selection in your Nexternal OMS, please reference this article.

rev. 10/03/22

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