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In order to insert an image into a WYSIWYG Editor within the Order Management System (OMS), you will first need to upload the image to the OMS to create and save the URL of the directory in which it is located. To do this, please use the Guided Tutorial called "Import an image or zip file into the Nexternal OMS".

Please note:

  • Only .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, and .png files can be uploaded to the OMS

  • Do not use the following characters in your image file names: \ / : ; * ? " < > |

  • Do not ever use spaces in your image file names - use underscores or dashes to separate words

  • Image files cannot exceed 2048k each (uncompressed)

Once uploaded, your image files will reside in the following directory (without any spaces): https: // NEXTERNAL ACCOUNT NAME/images/YOUR COMPLETE FILE NAME

(example, if your Nexternal account name is XYZCO, and your file name is Large_logo.png, then the full directory location would be (without any spaces):

https: //

Once you've uploaded your image, note the complete directory location (we suggest putting it in a text file so you can copy it later to paste when required.)

Then in the WYSWYG editor into which you wish to paste the image, click the "Insert Image" icon (the icon may appear in a different spot depending upon the width of your browser window):

This will open a pop up into which you will paste the directory location that you created and noted earlier:

Select your image alignment if you wish, enter a description of the image if you wish (for SEO and accessibility purposes), and modify the image dimensions if you need to, then click OK in the lower right.

To modify any of the information in the pop up after you've clicked OK, simply right click on the image in the WYSIWYG editor and then click the link for Image Properties.

For more information about how to properly use WYSIWYG editors to avoid editing and display problems, click here.

rev. 10/05/20

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