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From Orders in the OMS click the 'FedEx Close' tab at the top of the page. Select your criteria and click Submit. Use your browser's menu to print.

For FedEx Ground shipments (i.e. FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery) it is necessary to perform an end-of-day close, generating a FedEx Ground Pick-Up Manifest to give to the driver upon pickup. For FedEx Ground® Economy (formerly called FedEx SmartPost), it is likewise necessary to perform a close, but there is no manifest to print.

To create a new Ground Close Manifest after you click the "FedEx Close" tab, select the appropriate FedEx Account Number and enter the cutoff date and time for the manifest. Print the resulting manifest and hand it to your FedEx driver upon pickup. You may also view and print existing manifests, if necessary.

To create a SmartPost Close, select the corresponding option, and click Submit; there is nothing more to do.

Note: Once a shipment has been included in a FedEx Close, that shipment may no longer be deleted.

rev: 7/8/21

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