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The Nexternal platform includes, at no extra charge, a drop-ship module which essentially automates email notices to drop-ship vendors of items that require shipping, and then automatically updates the Nexternal Order Management System (OMS) once those items are shipped and the vendor updates the Vendor drop ship terminal with the tracking information.

To learn more about this feature, please watch this 1-minute video:

To activate the included Drop-Ship Module, see this article.

For more robust, fully-automated order and inventory data exchange, TrueCommerce offers an add-on cloud-based integration option to link vendor systems with the Nexternal eCommerce platform (fees apply). The integration automates the exchange of critical supply chain data to accelerate fulfillment, eliminate errors, and reduce out-of-stocks.

With this integration, when a customer places an order through a merchant's Nexternal online store, it is processed automatically at the line item level and POs are digitally sent to the vendors involved. The vendors receive POs directly into their order management systems, and the vendors then automatically send back order confirmations. When a vendor drop ships the order, the solution automatically sends back shipment and tracking data, which updates the Nexternal eCommerce system. Nexternal then automatically notifies the customer that their order has been shipped and provides tracking data. The merchant also automatically receives an invoice for the shipped order, including shipping and freight costs. And the integration keeps the Nexternal inventory up to date so that the merchant won't sell more items than the vendor has available.

Learn More about the integrated solution here.

For more information about either of these dropship solutions, please contact Nexternal Support as specified at the top of the Settings Section in your OMS.

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