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Nexternal: Customer Integration API
Nexternal: Customer Integration API
Populate Nexternal with information collected in an online form.
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Product: Nexternal

The Customer Integration API is used to pass customer information (name, physical address, e-mail address, etc.) from an independent source (like a form on your website, for example) directly into the customer database used in the Online Store and Order Management System (OMS). Popular uses include:

  1. A specialty foods merchant creates a form whereby new visitors can sign up to be added to that merchant's mailing list. Visitors who complete the form are added to the customer database (thereby being available to the OMS's built-in Mail Wizard) and are rewarded with a $10.00 off coupon redeemable in the Online Store.

  2. A winery creates a Wine Club signup form, allowing visitors to join the club for a monthly fee. Those who complete the form are added to the customer database with a Customer Type of "Wine Club" (when the API is used to set this behavior), entitling them to preferential pricing and allocations.

  3. A special interest club or non-profit creates a "members-only" section of its web site requiring a login. Visitors who successfully log in are permitted to visit the members-only BtoB Store without an additional login.

You will need a developer to "hook up" your form to Nexternal using the Customer Integration API.

rev: 10/22/20

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