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TrueCommerce/Nexternal is a certified PCI service level 1 provider (the highest level there is). This allows us to be listed on the Visa website (search for “Nexternal”). This certification is expensive and requires us to go through multiple annual security audits. At the end of each year’s rigorous testing and audit, we are awarded an Attestation of Compliance (AOC) by our PCI approved security assessor, SecurityMetrics.

Click here for the current AOC.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING DATE OF VALIDATION: The cover page and footer of the AOC reflects June 2018. This date represents the latest version date of the PCI council specific form, which is currently 3.2.1 and which was released June 2018. This not the date of our compliance. Rather, the compliance data that is entered into the form is current, and you can see the signature date on page 11. Further, you can see the date through which the certification is valid on the Visa website (search for “Nexternal”).

rev: 10/29/21

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