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To Create a New Gift Certificate: From the storefront, click on the Order Gift Certificate link. From within the Order Management System (OMS), navigate to Gift Certificates, then click the "New" button at the top and follow the simple steps.

If you wish, you may create a coupon to discount gift certificates. For directions, read this article.

To Process an Order for a Gift Certificate: In the OMS, click on the dollar sign tag icon next to the order to capture the funds like other orders. (Or the order may be included in a batch.) Then click the Order Status dropdown to choose "Sent". This will trigger an email to the recipient about the certificate and how to redeem it.

Note that only one gift certificate can be redeemed per order. If a customer has multiple gift certificates and calls you to ask how to redeem them in a single order, we suggest consolidating them into a single certificate and letting the customer know which one to use.

To do this, simply increase the amount on a single certificate to the total of all the certificates that you want to consolidate, and then cancel the other certificates whose amounts have been added to the surviving certificate.

To increase the amount of a certificate, navigate to Gift Certificates in the left navigation of your OMS, and click the pencil next to the certificate you wish to modify. Modify the amount, and click Finish.

To cancel the certificates whose amounts you consolidated, simply use the pulldown selector on the gift certificate list page in your OMS, to select "canceled".

NOTE: The ability to redeem gift certificates in your online store is turned on and off with the ability to purchase gift certificates. If you wish to cease selling gift certificates but there are outstanding gift certificates that customers may need to redeem, you have a couple of options. You can keep certificates for sale on your site but set the threshold so high that no one will buy one (Gift Certificates / Settings / Certificate Minimum). Or, you can contact your support representative (per the top of the settings section in your OMS) to request that a design engineer hide the gift certificate product so that it cannot be seen or purchased (fees apply), but can still be redeemed.

How to see if the gift certificate recipient has opened the email with the gift certificate link: At the bottom of the order detail screen in your OMS you will find a "Customer Emails" button. Click on that button to see when the gift certificate email was sent and opened. However, please note that if the recipient opens an email while his computer is offline, it is possible that the opened data may not be recorded.

rev: 5/5/21

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