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Nexternal: Set Up Subscriptions (auto-reorder)
Nexternal: Set Up Subscriptions (auto-reorder)

Allow your customers to set up Auto-Ship options in your Nexternal online store.

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First, log into your Nexternal Order Management System (OMS) and go to the Subscriptions section. Click on Preferences. There are some basic settings here for overall subscription options. Use the question marks to guide you.

Next, you'll need to add subscription options to a product. Go to Products and find the product for which you would like to add subscription options. Click on the Subscription icon next to the product. The next page allows you to enter subscription options. Indicate the number of options you wish to have for the product (10 max). The screen below should immediately change to open up new areas for you to define your subscription options. For each option, define Frequency (days, weeks, or months), the Discount offered for signing up for the subscription (if relevant), and term of the subscription. The Discount Percent option offers a discount as a percentage of the original price (i.e. 10% off). The Flat Discount option offers a flat dollar amount discount (i.e. $10.00 off). The Discount To option lowers the price to the amount specified.

If you elect to populate the description, a link will be displayed by the subscription option in the store, and the description will be displayed when customers click the link.

The optional Sync Date allows you to synchronize subscriptions such that recurring orders are all on the same day. This setting is used by merchants to simplify fulfillment in rare situations where warranted, to enable shipping the same subscription item all on the same day, regardless of the specific day that each subscription would otherwise ship. For example, if a club shipment is set up as a subscription, this setting might apply. Starting on the Sync Date, all orders are placed periodically as defined by the Term. When a new subscription is created, the next order for that subscription is synchronized with the next periodic order date, unless the initial order is within the Exception Days of that date, in which case the following order date is used. The Exception Days field thus allows you to ensure that a customer does not receive two orders for the product in close succession.

Product subscription options can also be set up via import (Products / Import / Subscription Option Import).

Please note that eliminating subscription options from a product will have no impact on active, existing subscriptions. It will only prevent future subscriptions.

Find more information about managing subscriptions here.

rev: 10/28/21

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