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Improve Efficiency, Profitability and Customer Experience with XML Tools

Need to integrate a third-party application or system for which TrueCommerce doesn't offer an integration? Not a problem. Simply provide your developer with Nexternal's well-documented XML API and build the integration you need.


Automate Your Business by Exchanging Data with Other Applications

For companies that sell online, managing all that data across eCommerce, ERP, WMS, inventory management and other systems can be difficult and costly. Far too often, businesses have to transfer the data using laborious, manual processes—wasting valuable time and increasing the potential for errors.

Fortunately for TrueCommerce Nexternal customers, there is a better way! The TrueCommerce Nexternal eCommerce platform comes with a number of prebuilt integrations that let you exchange data with popular applications like, Mailchimp and Endicia. We also offer some add-on integrations that work with various financial systems and ERP's. To integrate with other applications, Nexternal offers a mature set of XML tools.

Eliminate manual effort

TrueCommerce Nexternal’s XML tools API supports integration and automated synchronization of order, product and/or customer data with many third-party applications that store similar data.

By integrating order, product and/or customer data between TrueCommerce Nexternal and other systems, you can eliminate manual tasks to improve efficiency, profitability and customer experience.

How the XML tools work

All the TrueCommercre Nexternal XML tools work via server-to-server communication. The initiating server sends a Request XML document to the appropriate URL, then receives a Reply XML document from Nexternal, and finally parses that document and takes action.

TrueCommerce Nexternal offers ten powerful XML tools:

1. Order Query allows merchants to export all order information including customer and line item data.

2. OrderCalculate allows merchants to retrieve information about the possible shipping rates and methods, discounts and taxes, and the current inventory levels for each line item in an order.

3. OrderCreate enables merchants to push order data into TrueCommerce Nexternal from third-party systems. This is useful in many scenarios; for example, if a company moves to TrueCommerce Nexternal from a different system and wants to keep historical order data, or if a merchant uses a third-party call center and wants to push data from their software into Nexternal.

4. OrderUpdate is used to update Order and Line Item Statuses, including importing tracking numbers.

5. CustomerQuery contains all customer information, including custom field and additional address information.

6. CustomerUpdate is used to update and add customer information, including multiple addresses and preferred credit cards.

7. ProductQuery allows merchants to export all information specific to products.

8. ProductUpdate allows merchants to add and update product information.

9. InventoryUpdate allows the merchant's TrueCommerce Nexternal system to receive inventory information from another system. Inventory could also be updated via the ProductUpdate tool; however, the InventoryUpdate tool is much simpler to use if the only goal is to update inventory levels.

10. SavedCart returns information about customers who have placed items in their Shopping Carts, but have not yet completed the checkout process (abandoned carts).

To help keep your data secure, you can set up XML specific users and control access permissions for each XML tool at the user level. For example, you might have one user who only has ProductQuery access, and another user who can run OrderQuery and OrderUpdate. Objects that are updated or created via an XML-specific user profile are denoted as such.

Most integrations with the TrueCommerce Nexternal XML tools will require the assistance of a developer who has XML expertise, as well as the necessary technology assets (hardware, software, internet service, etc.)

When using the XML API, if your developer has any questions, they can be filed using the XML Help Desk in your Nexternal Order Management System (Settings/XML Tools).

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