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You can search to find customers whose credit card has expired or who do not have a saved credit card in their customer record. First, go to Customers / Types (blue button at top) / Next - and ensure that there is a check in the “Club" column, next to all the types which are club types. Click finish.

Then go to Customers / Advanced Search / Customer Search / Next, and mark YES next to Club Grouping. Click Search.

Once you get your search results, then Click Wine Club Order (blue button at top) / Results of Current Search / Next / Create Report. You will also be able to send those customers an email using the mail wizard from that report.

If you want to check only a specific club, instead of all club members from all clubs, then do your advanced search by customer type instead of club grouping. If you want to check against a specific group of customer types, but not all club types, then in the first step above, check only the types you want to search against, instead of all club types.

For information about Global Payments Integrated (formerly OpenEdge) credit card processing which includes decline minimizer (automatic credit card updates), click here.

rev: 1/13/21

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