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If you want to search for a specific type of transaction within Transaction Manager, you can do this no matter which folder you're in!

Option 1:

The Quicksearch feature gives you the ability to search the transaction grid without having to click into each column filter. It will search the value across all columns. The value doesn't have to be exact, but can simply contain part of what you're searching for. You must then click ENTER.

Option 2:

Simply click the three little dots next to the Document Type column. The Filters option will appear. Type in the document type you'd like to see, and click Filter.

Note: You do have the option to search for the EDI document number, or any other criteria you choose! Additionally, the filter option can be found in other sections of Transaction Manager, including the Item Catalog.

Option 3:

Check out this article to utilize the Search feature.

rev: 11/3/21

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