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This guide will show you how to configure your local label printer’s settings so that labels are printing to the to the correct size based on the printer’s settings. There are two areas to set the default size settings. It is common for one of these areas to be overlooked causing labels to print out with undesired sizes.

1. Click the Windows icon in lower left corner of PC, search for ‘printers’, and click ‘Printers and scanners option that results from search:

2. Navigate to the label printer that is being used in Pack & Ship, click Manage:

3. Click Printing Preferences, enter Width and Height (4x6 is most common), click Apply. Then click OK:

4. Click Printer Properties, click Advanced, click Printing Defaults, enter Width and Height (matching entered values from step 3 above).

Click Apply then click OK.

Click Apply again then click OK again:

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