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  • Operates as keyboard replacement / wedge scanner

  • Can automatically insert an “enter” (carriage return) command after scan

  • Capable of scanning all of the barcode formats/symbols (i.e. UPC, Code128, etc.) used on the products you are scanning (1D scanning is all you would be using with Pack & Ship)

  • Capable of reading the barcode sizes utilized on your products (typically only concern is with very small barcodes)\

  • Capable of connecting to your shipping terminals (i.e. USB, Bluetooth, PS/2)


  • Durability – you may want a rugged device depending on your warehouse layout and chance of drops (and height of potential drops)

  • Wireless/Wired – We typically recommend wireless devices where possible to avoid tripping on cables

  • Range – Keep in mind the operator using the scanner must be able to see the screen when packing, so range is not typically a big concern

  • Most scanners are intended to scan against a white background. If your barcodes are on cardboard directly or other dark backgrounds, you will want a scanner that can read that

  • Fuzzy Scanning – if your barcodes are prone to wrinkles or tears, you may consider a scanner that uses “fuzzy” scanning which captures a large portion of the barcode instead of the typical straight line

Here is an example of a common barcode scanner.

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